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1.  Unless you have a lot experience, do not fly this inside your house.  This toy is for use in large open spaces, i.e. parks.  The reason is that the MQX does not automatically level itself when you release the stick.  If you push the stick forward, the unit will start leaning forward (and flying forward) and will continue leaning further forward until you release the stick.  When you release the stick, the MQX will continue leaning forward and flying forward until you counter the
forward lean with a reverse stick input.  If you hold it too long, the unit will begin flying backwards.

Beginner helicopters will auto level when you release the stick.  The MQX WILL NOT.

If you turn the MQX around using the left stick while it is flying forward, the forward momentum will be translated into sideways momentum, which you’ll need to counteract with the right stick.

So, for example, if you are flying forward and push the left stick to the right to make a 180 degree right hand turn, when the unit comes out of the right hand turn, it will begin sliding to its left (your right).  You’ll need to counteract that by pushing the the stick to the right.  It usually will stop as well, so you’ll need forward input on the right
stick to get it going again.  The oppose is true if you make a left hand turn:  You’ll need to get it right stick input to the left at the conclusion of the turn as well.

3.  If you buy this product, you should also buy several packages of replacement Thruster Boom with Wiring (2): mQXs.

You will need them.

The Thruster Booms are made from carbon fiber.  Every time you crash, the carbon fiber will weaken, and eventually it will break.  Even before it breaks, it loses rigidity.  You can tell that it’s lost rigidity when
you have stabilization problems when you increase throttle very quickly.  Or you can also just try wiggling the motor mounts while holding the center of the MQX.

Replacing them is incredibly easy.  They come pre-wired.  No tools are required.  You just unplug the old ones and plug the new ones in.

Start by pulling the decorative cover off the center of the MQX.  Then, unplug the wire from the old Thruster Boom
that goes onto the main board.  Then pull the motor mount cover off the motor mount (jiggle it while pulling it towards the center of the unit).  Unplug the motor from the wiring on the Thruster Boom.  Now pull the Thruster Boom out of the center of the unit and out of the motor mount.  Reverse the process with the new one.  Make sure that you line
up the sides of the wire plugs that are painted green.

The only other common maintenance item on these involves the motors.  The motor mount covers have a small lip that keeps the motor in place.  When you crash, the motor sometimes jumps over the lip.  When that happens, the motor will no longer connect with the gear.  It’s easy to fix:  Just push the motor back down into the housing.

  • AS3X 3-axis stabilization system
  • 4-in-1 DSM2 receiver/ESCs/mixer/AS3X sensor unit
  • Durable and lightweight airframe
  • Potent 8.5mm brushed motors with protective drive gear guards Can be flown in X or + configurations Sleek
  • Low-profile body with sharp mQX graphics


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